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What exactly is DELRdi?

The DELRdi (Dance Education Literature and Research descriptive index) is a dance education discipline specific online archive of documents that impact teaching and learning in and through dance. From around the world, these documents (in English) are resources for everyday practice and extended research projects. DELRdi was created by and is maintained by the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO). Documents are continuously submitted and entered.

 Pages and Articles for DELRdi


Why should I submit my work for DELRDi inclusion?

By submitting to DELRdi, you are not only sharing your ideas with other dance educators, but you are also contributing to the future of dance education literature and research.


Who is eligible to submit documents?

All dance educators and advocates are invited to submit documents. There is no fee or membership requirement for submission. You can submit your own work or that of someone else, that you feel represents significant literature for the field.

What type of documents are considered?

  • Academic Dissertations and Theses
  • Projects and Portfolios
  • Research or White Papers
  • Conference Proceeding
  • Individual Conference Presentations
  • Federal and State Government Policy Documents and Reports
  • National and State Standards
  • Curriculum, Lesson Plans, and Syllabi
  • Journal Articles
  • Book Chapters
  • Published Blogs
  • Bibliographies
  • Power Points

  • Historical documents - unpublished or currently out of print

Is there Peer Review?

DELRdi does not assess submitted work in any way. Rather, documents are described not evaluated. DELRdi citations provide a record of what an author was thinking and writing about at a specific time and place. Documents do not necessarily represent the opinions of NDEO.


What is included in a citation?

DELRdi citations include full bibliographic information, description/abstract of the document and links to its full text location. With copyright holder's permission full text will be uploaded as well.


How do I submit?

Whether you want a citation listing or a citation with full text listing, full text must be provided for review preparation. If PDF or word document is not available, contact regarding submitting hard copies. The document must include author’s name, document title, name of granting institution, year of completion, degree earned, and physical location of the document including UMI/ProQuest Publication numbers if applicable. Also the document contents must include all pages, full bibliography, and all appendices. For full text inclusion, not simply citation, documents must be submitted electronically as PDF or word document. They must be of final publication quality (no whiteouts, crossovers, or editorial markings). All scanned documents should be checked to ensure all pages are correctly aligned before submission.

Click on the button below to access the submission form.


DELRdi Submission & Permission Form


Who has access to DELRdi to see my work?

All members of NDEO plus students and faculty at universities that subscribe to DELRdi will have access to your work.



For further submission questions please contact